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DNN Unique Email, Soft Delete and Hard Delete

Submitted by dnnskin on Sat, 10/09/2010 - 05:59


Updated with dnn 5.6.2:

User Deletion Management in 5.6.2


After going through a lot of pain trying to enable the unique email I realized that I had to get rid of the duplicated email address from the past first. Here is what I did to get things done:

Preparation: before getting started I had several widows open:

the Admin "User Account" search window

the Host sql window

the database table window


Step 1: Find the duplicated emails and do the soft delete

Open the database table either from the server or using remote connection

There are several tables related to users:


Just open one table to work with. I found "aspnet_membership" is the easiest one to work with since it sort the users by email address. Quickly scan the list and you can find the duplicated email addresses easily this way. Once you see a duplicated email, copy  and paste it into the already opened member search window and do a search by email. You will then get a list of users that using the same email account, keep one and delete the rest.

Repeat this process until you find all of them.


Step 2:  After the soft delete, you need the hard delete

The above soft delete does not really remove all the users with duplicated email account from the db. You need to do a hard delete. It's almost impossible to manually delete all of them since each single user account lives in multiple tables. There is a script from this site , run this script on your "Host" sql window. Note, each time it only delete 1 record, so you may just repeatedly run this script until you get rid of all of them from all the related tables. It is pretty easy to hit the run button even 100 times.


Step3: Enable the unique email

Go to web.config and find "requiresUniqueEmail="false", make the false into "true".

Note: unless it's a brand new site otherwise you need to ensure there is no duplicated email first before changing the web.config file.

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